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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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TimeSpy - Time and Frequency Measurement

The TimeSpy Elite is a highly flexible, mains and rechargeable battery based portable precision time measurement and signal generation unit, designed for use in a broad range of timing applications.  The unit derives accurate GPS time which is then maintained by a disciplined oscillator (Quartz or Rubidium).

The TimeSpy Elite is a highly flexible, mains and rechargeable battery based portable precision time measurement and signal generation unit, designed for use in a broad range of timing application.  The unit derives an accurate time reference through an internal or external C/A Code GPS antenna synchronisation which is then maintained by an internally disciplined oscillator (Quartz or Rubidium).

Once synchronised, with an absolute accuracy of < 30ns to UTC, the unit becomes a local portable time reference unit able to measure relative timing to UTC with  <1 ns resolution on a wide range of standard time interfaces and time codes including :  PTP (IEEE 1588v2) , NTP (RFC 1305), 1PPS, IRIG (DCLS or AC), DCF77, NMEA, ASCII : RS232/422/485 and HaveQuick.

TimeSpy Elite - Portable GPS Based Precision Time and Frequency Measurement


TimeSpy Elite  Datasheet

TimeSpy Elite Time and Frequency Measurement Instrument

The TimeSpy seamlessly combines high accuracy time measurement circuitry with data analysis and logging functionality to deliver a full statistical breakdown measurement of the UTC time error of the measured signal or signals.  This is perfect for network analysis (PTP, NTP) or for free running clocks and timing systems which are synchronised from untraceable sources, such as television, radio broadcasts, electrical power lines and the Internet.  

Measurement result logs are easily stored and retrieved locally via the front panel USB port or maybe collected over Ethernet via the built in web server facility.  In addition to measurement, the unit also provides reference signal outputs as 1PPS and 10MHz sine wave for synchronising external equipment to the internal reference.

The TimeSpy Elite can optionally interface to Portable Expansion Modules (PEM), expanding the input signal analysis and measurement capability while also facilitating multi-output, multi-format signal generation based on the TimeSpy reference. PEM units are generally produced and configured to customer specific requirements which can be discussed with the sales department.

The unit is especially useful where time of day information is distributed from a central master clock to sub-master clocks or user systems over large distances via serial data links or packet networks.  Such systems often exhibit substantial time delays due to high levels of network traffic or long physical distances between the master clock and the user; hence to quantify and/or qualify such systems, a local UTC reference and comparison instrument is highly advantageous.  

In network applications, commercial software algorithms aim at reducing timing errors but unless such errors are accurately and independently measured at the point of use, the user cannot be certain of the accuracy and/or variance of the system time source in the application.


  •  Graphical display of the difference between input time signal and UTC

  •  Measurement of a wide variety of classic and network time signal inputs

  •  SFP connection to alternative media (SFP module not supplied)

  •  Gigabit Ethernet connection for analysis and logging

  •  Laboratory standard 1PPS & 10MHz outputs can be used as a time reference.

  •  Timing resolution of better than 1 ns and absolute accuracy of up to 30ns to UTC

  •  Automatic identification and analysis of Modulated Carrier Time codes

  •  Frequency measurement range 40Hz to 50MHz

  •  GOOSE and Sampled Values measurement capability for IEC61850

  •  Full colour touch-screen with user-friendly Window operating system

  •  Front panel USB port for easy access downloads for subsequent data analysis

  •  Robust, portable design with internal rechargeable battery in addition to mains operation

  •  Choice of time reference performance accuracy - Quartz or Rubidium