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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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Telecommunications Applications

Time & Frequency Solutions provides unique timing solutions to the energy and utility market sectors, delivering quality and reliability which combined to improve monitoring and efficiency.

Satellite and Telecommunications Timing Applications

Communications applications requiring time and frequency.

Time synchronisation is essential in the telecommunications industry to ensure messages are transmitted and received accurately. Deviations from complete synchronicity will result in unintelligible messages. A signal transmitted over long distances is likely to experience slippage or even loss of data.

This will in turn produce poor quality telephone, fax and video messages. As the telecommunications industry uses ever more advanced technology to create higher speeds of data transfer, increasingly higher accuracy in time synchronisation is crucial to the successful implementation of that technology.

The increasing volume of international communication traffic has caused additional problems, not just with the synchronisation of individual networks, but with the issues associated with inter-network synchronisation.

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) ensures that all users are adequately synchronised but when a user wishes to communicate with someone on a different network there are no guarantees that frame slips will not occur.

Generally, this is not a major issue in low levels of network traffic but when large volumes of data are being communicated between networks the consequences can be disastrous.

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