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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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PTP8020/80 - IEEE1588 GrandMaster Clock

This Stratum 1 GNSS/GPS based PTP GrandMaster and Boundary time clock system is an advanced, cyber secure, high precision master clock timing platform that generates and distributes precisely synchronised PTP (IEEE-1588) time to network clients, offered with a choice of oscillators.

The PTP-8020 & PTP-8080 are GPS Network Time Servers (NTS) for NTP or PTP IEEE 1588 that provide secure, accurate and reliable time synchronization for networks and offers integrated fully managed switch capabilities for 2 (PTP8020) or 8 (PTP8080) Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000BASE) .

These dual redundant high reliability units can be used for data centres, test facilities, military installations, governmental agencies, financial services and technology firms which need precision timing to support their network operations.

These PTP Master Clocks provide exact time over Ethernet either based on the well-established NTP/SNTP protocol or PTP according to IEEE 1588 Std 2008. In addition to NTP and PTP timing capabilities, the units also provide a variety of time codes and signals, such as GPS emulation and IRIG-B for a wide range of applications. Such interfaces are normally provided on the network boundaries integrated on relevant SNTP clients or PTP Slave Clocks platforms.

Options include a choice of 2 ports (PTP8020) or 8 ports (PTP8080) along with build options for TCXO, OCXO or Rubidium oscillators depending upon holdover accuracy requirements.


Typical Applications

The PTP80 Elite is commonly specified where precision, reliability and cyber security are key considerations in the network application.  These high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in PTP network timing applications where traceable, precision time stamping and time distribution is required.

PTP8020/80 - IEEE 1588 GrandMaster, Transparent, Boundary & Slave Clock

PTP8020/80 Grandmaster datasheet



The PTP-8020/80 is used for applications that require reliable timing to accurately synchronize networks, systems, and devices and to log events with legally traceable time. The series incorporates a broad range of features, including Network Master Clock configuration (NTP or PTP), Boundary and Transparent Clock configuration, monitoring and management capabilities together with a comprehensive software package to deliver high performance timing for network applications and devices.  The units are easy-to-install and fully configurable to customize features, interfaces, ports and protocols.

Software features include remote login and file transfer capabilities, which provide the utmost security using industry standard interfaces. A full-suite of network protocols includes SNMP capability, support for enterprise directory servers to authenticate users, internal and external logging and monitoring of error messages through Syslog, DHCP for installation convenience, and Ipv4.

The PTP-8020/80 is a reliable and accurate NTP and PTP Grand Master Clock fulfilling the IEEE 1588 Std 2002 (v1) and IEEE 1588 Std 2008 (v2). The units contain a built-in state-of-the-art GPS receiver that is used as the time base for the GMC clock. The PTP-8080 platform supports both 1-step and 2-step clock modes and either E2E or P2P as the delay mechanism. This means that all possible PTP profiles can be supported.

PTP performance, throughput and accuracy are maximised with all critical PTP functions implemented in hardware. The switch functionality in the PTP-8080 series offer full management based on HTTP, telnet, CLI or SNMP.  Network Redundancy is achieved based on the OnTime-Ring- or MSTP/RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1s/w/D) protocol.  

These units also deliver a wide operating temperature range: [-40°F to 158°F] / [-40°C to 70°C].

PTP80 IEEE-1588 Grandmaster Clock Front

•  PTP v1 or v2 Grand Master Clock

•  PTP v1 or v2 Transparent Clock

•  PTP v1 or v2 Slave Clock

•  Combined NTP client and PTP Boundary Clock

•  NTP time server

•  PTP protocol supports: -

                Unicast or multicast

            Layer 2 or IP

            1-step or 2-step clock

            Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

            End-to-End (E2E) delay mechanism

            PTP version translation

•  Built-in GPS receiver (GMC variant) with time accuracy to    absolute time < 50ns (with GPS lock)

•  PTP accuracy < 20 nanosecond per network hop

•  4(1) x 10/100/1000BASE-T(x) ports

•  4(1) x 10/100/1000BASE-X combo ports

•  Wide operating temperature: -40°C to 70°C

•  Dual Redundant 100-240AC power inputs

•  Network redundancy: OnTime-Ring- or MSTP/RSTP/STP     protocol

•  Network management: Web, telnet, CLI and

   SNMP v1/v2/v3 with RMON

•  Multicast filtering: IGMP snooping or static multicast  filters

•  IEEE802.1Q VLAN

•  Event notification: through Syslog, Email, and SNMP trap