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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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PTP (IEEE 1588) Network Timing Solutions

A range of IEEE1588 compliant GPS based PTP GrandMaster Clocks, PTP Transparent Clocks, PTP Boundary Clocks and PTP slave clients with 1PPS outputs

PTP : IEEE1588 v2 Precise Time Protocol is the latest standard for synchronising packet-based networks to ensure accurate and reliable time distribution for a varied applications. When compared against other network timing methods, the benefits of PTP Network based timing include sub-microsecond accuracy, hardware generated time-stamping, multicast operation and true carrier grade network synchronisation.

Our range of PTP IEEE1588 GrandMaster Clocks, Transparent Clocks, Boundary Clocks and PTP slave clients deliver  cost-effective access to the highest level of precision time and frequency synchronisation across a network.

The PTP80 Elite is a Stratum 1 GNSS/GPS based PTP GrandMaster and Boundary time clock system is an advanced, cyber secure, high precision master clock timing platform that generates and distributes precisely synchronised time to PTP clients and slaves across packet networks using the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) in accordance with IEEE-1588v2.

The platform delivers excellent time and frequency accuracy using a tried and tested hardware based time stamping system which operates in combination with a choice of high precision disciplined oscillators serving to ensure precise time information is available even in the event of GPS signal loss.

Units can be configured as GrandMaster, Boundary Clock or PTP slave while providing multiple output formats including 1PPS, 10MHz, E1/T1, IRIG-B and NTP (RFC1305).  Multiple PTP80 Elites can be configured for load sharing resilience and increased network support.

Options include a choice of Oven Controlled or Rubidium oscillators together with a choice of standard or long distance antennae.  

Constellation options are user selectable via the 12 channel C/A GNSS/GPS antenna covering GPS, GPS/GLONASS & GPS/BEIDOU combinations.

The PTP-8020 & PTP-8080 are GPS Network Time Servers (NTS) for NTP or PTP IEEE 1588 that provide secure, accurate and reliable time synchronization for networks and offers integrated fully managed switch capabilities for 2 (PTP8020) or 8 (PTP8080) Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000BASE) .

These dual redundant high reliability units can be used for data centres, test facilities, military installations, governmental agencies, financial services and technology firms which need precision timing to support their network operations.

These PTP Master Clocks provide exact time over Ethernet either based on the well-established NTP/SNTP protocol or PTP according to IEEE 1588 Std 2008. In addition to NTP and PTP timing capabilities, the units also provide a variety of time codes and signals, such as GPS emulation and IRIG-B for a wide range of applications. Such interfaces are normally provided on the network boundaries integrated on relevant SNTP clients or PTP Slave Clocks platforms.

Options include a choice of 2 ports (PTP8020) or 8 ports (PTP8080) along with build options for TCXO, OCXO or Rubidium oscillators depending upon holdover accuracy requirements.

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PTP8020/8080 Grandmaster, Boundary & Transparent Clocks


Precision PTP (IEEE 1588) GrandMaster & Client Network Clocks


PTP80 Elite : IEEE1588 Grandmaster

The PTP8 Enhanced Slave Network Time Client provides network operators and equipment manufacturers with a highly accurate packet-based timing and synchronisation solution.

The PTP8 receives, decode and converts the PTP IEEE1588v2 protocol supplied across a packet network in to industry standard E1/T1, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG B and Serial Time Of Day (TOD) signals and messages.

Commonly deployed as a local network time client alongside the Stratum 1 PTP80 Grandmaster, the unit is provides a rapid and seamless upgrade of existing network infrastructure to packet based timing and synchronisation enabling operators to lower upgrade costs when migrating from a TDM to Ethernet backhaul architecture.

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PTP8 Enhanced PTP Network Slave Client

ptp8_ds20.pdfPTP8080 IEEE-1588 Boundary ClockPTP8 IEEE-1588 Slave Client FrontPTP8 IEEE-1588 Slave Client Rear

Typical Applications for PTP IEEE1588 network synchronisation

PTP devices are commonly specified where precision, reliability and cyber security are key considerations in the network application.  These high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in PTP and NTP network timing applications where traceable, precision time stamping and time distribution is required.