Time and Frequency Standards

We offer an unrivalled range of master clock (masterclock) systems and precision time & frequency standards, which act as the synchronisation source for a range of devices including time displays and legacy systems. All systems have a choice of OCXO, TXCO & Rubidium frequency standards (oscillators), giving you a range of price and performance options.

m211 GNSS Time & Frequency Standards – Precision time & frequency standards product family with various versions suitable for different applications, all of which have an NTP interface.
gps8 GPS8 & GPS8 Plus – Precision time & frequency standard designed for use in any applications where reliable time and frequency information is required. 
GPS8-HQ – Combines all the features of the GPS8 Plus Time & Frequency Standard with the addition of HaveQuick plus a suite of selected timing interface options. Perfect for military/defense applications.
nfs-220 NFS-220 GPS Time & Frequency Standard – precision time and frequency standard that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS). 
pts PTS – Precision Time System offers a range of time and frequency outputs
pts-saasm PTS-SAASM Precison Time System – offers  a wider ange of time and frequency outputs with SA-ASM GPS receiver 
m170 countdown clock M170 Countdown/ Countup Generator Clock – multi-purpose clock ideal in range timing and event management applications

Alternative Products

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