FTSU-100 Frequency & Time Synthesiser Unit

The FTSU-100 is a high performance signal distribution amplifier designed for use with the PTS Precision Time System.

  • Time code, frequency & pulse inputs
  • Low phase noise analogue outputs
  • Fault alarm output
  • 1U 19″ rack mount (2U 19” Rack mount version available)
  • Frequency synthesiser option
  • 1PPS and time code outputs
  • Hitless changeover of reference frequency

The versatile FTSU is designed to be a companion to the PTS family of Precision Time Systems.The FTSU-100 is contained in a compact IU rack-mount chassis. The FTSU accepts two sets of inputs. The inputs are the reference frequency, 1PPS, a time code and status from the PTS.

The FTSU provides automatic changeover should one of the source inputs fail. Manual source se­lect override is available on the front panel. A variety of status indicators are located on the front panel for visual feedback.

The low phase noise reference frequency outputs are generated from a low phase noise oscillator that is phase-locked to the reference frequency input. In the event of reference input failure the phase-locked oscil­lator will continue to provide referenced frequency out­puts with a stability of 3X10-9 over temperature.

Applications for the FSTU include secure communications systems, satellite ground stations and any system requiring highly reliable frequency, time code and pulse rate output