FDA2050 Time & Frequency Distribution Amplifier

The FDA2050 Time & Frequency Distribution Amplifier provides precision multiple frequency, pulse or timecode outputs from either a single or a dual input source. The FDA2050 is ideal for applications where a frequency from a master system must be distributed to several local or remote areas or sub systems.

  • Multiple outputs from a single or dual input source
  • With dual input, automatic and manual selection of second input is available
  • Up to 20 independently buffered output channels
  • Wideband circuits allow any frequency distribution up to 10MHz.
  • Fault sensing and LED status indicator for each output channel
  • Optionally can include Ethernet interface for unit configuration and status reporting
  • 1U high 19 inch rack-mountable chassis
  • Outputs via back panel

Input Options

  • Analogue, Digital, Timecode or Fibre Optic
  • Single source or dual source input.

N.B. With dual input, if the primary signal level falls below a critical level, the FDA2050 automatically selects the backup input

Model No. of Inputs No. of outputs Network Interface
FDA2050 1 20 No
FDA2050-D 2 20 No
FDA2050-N 1 20 Yes
FDA2050-DN 2 20 Yes


The FDA2050 Time & Frequency Distribution Amplifier is the perfect solution where an accurate signal feed is required to multiple areas. For example, in the Power/Utilities industry, the FDA2050 is ideal for ensuring a stable output to multiple installations.
The FDA2050 may be ‘daisy-chained’ to provide unlimited distribution stations with an accurate frequency feed.
The connection from base station to remote stations is typically via coaxial cable (not supplied). Max distance from base station depends on grade of cable used – a higher grade cable will enable greater distances. Please contact us for further guidance.