M373 LED Digital Time Display

We offer a robust M373 LED Digital Time Display which is ideal for both internal and external public display applications.  They offer a highly readable display for both daylight and night-time viewing.

  • Single or Double-sided display
  • Day or night-time viewing
  • Robust construction offering vandal resistance and high IP rating
  • Internal or external use
  • Simple to customise for specific applications with wide range of options
  • 4 or 6 digit
  • Serial or NTPv3 input

The display can be driven by a selection of master clocks or time & frequency standards. It is possible to drive several displays from one master unit.

Each M373 LED Digital Time Display is constructed for internal and external use with clear lexan windows for good readability whilst offering significant vandal resistance.  The design of these products has been extensively tested for all environmental conditions and benefits from an IP rating of IP65.

The M373 Digital Time Display can be driven by a selection of TFS master clocks, including:

• NTP80 Network Time Server (and NTP80plus, NTP80 Elite, NTP80plus Elite & NTP80-M)
• M210 Modular Timing Sytem
• M211 Modular Timing System
• GPS8 Time & Frequency Standard (& GPS8 Plus)
Further details are available from our Sales team.