M355-LF Line Frequency Display

The M355-LF LED Line Frequency Display provides a clear indication of AC line frequency in digital format. 

  • Suitable for interior use 
  • Single-sided display 
  • Seven segment high-intensity LED digits 
  • Excellent readability through clear acrylic window 
  • Wall or desk mounting options available 
  • Available digit colours: red, yellow or green

The M355-LF Line Frequency Displays are suitable for interior applications where clearly presented line frequency is required. The displays are single-sided and indicate line frequency to 3 decimal places on 7 segment high intensity LED digits.

The use of these digits provides a highly readable indication of frequency for both daylight and night-time viewing.

The display can operate as a stand-alone unit, or alternatively it can distribute the measured line frequency via a range of available interfaces. Additionally it can be used as a remote display in conjunction with a Master Clock, which includes AC Measurement capability.

The M355-LF Line Frequency Display is constructed for internal use with a clear acrylic window for good readability. Each display can either be wall mounted or alternatively a desk mounting option is available.