M350 LED Console Time Display

Digital Console Clock

The M350 LED Console Time Display from Time & Frequency Solutions provides a clear indication of time and is ideally suited for use in Control Room consoles.

  • High-intensity seven segment or dot matrix LED digits
  • Indicates hours, minutes and seconds
  • Range of digit sizes & colours available
  • Brightness control
  • Display of either UTC and local time via front panel switch
  • Standard DIN IEC 61554 (DIN 43700) dimensions

The M350 Console Time Display receives accurate time from a Master Clock (see Time & Frequency Standards) via its integral data interfaces. A range of data interfaces and protocols are provided in the unit, allowing it to operate in many different equipment configurations and with a variety of Master Clocks. The unit is powered via an AC power source.

The M350 Console Time display is designed for mounting in a control console. The unit dimensions conform to the standard DIN 43700 characteristics, allowing it to be readily incorporated into a console design. All connections are provided at the rear of the unit.