Time Display

LED Digital Time Displays & Analogue Clocks

We offer a range of time display options to suit all requirements, including LED clocks with 4, 6, 9 & 11 digit displays, console displays, single and double-sided displays plus a range of analogue clocks available in many sizes and styles.  Wall mounted, desk mounted, inbuilt console and ceiling mounted options available.

m350 console display M350 LED Console Time Display – ideally suited for use in Control Room panel consoles.
 m355 led time display yellow digits M355 LED Digital Time Display (4 & 6 Digit available) – suitable for any interior application where clearly presented time or date information is required
 m355-lf line frequency display M355-LF Line Frequency Display – suitable for interior applications where clearly presented line frequency is required e.g. in power utility applications
m355 countdown/up display M355-CD Countdown/Up Clock Display –  shows countdown or countup from a PSEUDO IRIG timecode input, or alternatively acts as a 9 or 11 digit time-of-day display from timecode or serial input
m373 led time display M373 LED Digital Display  – robust unit suitable for a wide range of interior or exterior public time display applications
 m385 M385 Analogue Clock – a range of diameter size, single/double sided, NTP or serial input with fluorescent or LED backlit options

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