NTP80 & NTP80 Elite
Triple-Port Network Time Server

The NTP80 Network Time Server from Time & Frequency Solutions provides a high performance means of accurate time distribution over a local area network (LAN) using Network Time Protocol (NTP). NTP is the industry-standard means of time distribution over discrete networks.

The NTP80 Elite provides the same functionality as the NTP80 but with  Gigabit Ethernet capability (1000BaseT).

Features (NTP80 Network Time Server & NTP80 Elite Network Time Server)

  • Highly economic multi-port Stratum 1 Network Time Server
  • Can synchronise up to 3 discrete networks independently
  • Can act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode
  • Range of synchronisation options
  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption.
  • Client system accuracy better than 50 microseconds.
  • Configuration and alarm reporting capabilities using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • 1pps output
  • Platforms: Small stand-alone unit or with 19″ rack-mountable panel

A trusted time source is critical in many organisations such as airports, railways, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, etc. but can also figure highly on the scale of importance in other industries.

Having no trusted time source is a weak point in business security, making it difficult to be protected against fraud, hacking, internal and external disputes, and has a direct effect on efficiency and therefore profitability.

Time information is available from the Internet, but this means allowing data to travel through your firewall, increasing the potential risk of hackers or viruses obtaining access into your network.  Also, there are few or no guarantees that the information being provided is accurate or reliable.

Key Benefits of the NTP80 Network Time Server:

  • Accurate & reliable time data from a trusted source
  • Control over configuration via web browser
  • Synchronisation between users – eradicates discrepancies
  • System time stamping (e.g. for e-commerce transactions, e-mail sent & receive, etc) is accurate
  • Automatic systems procedures, such as backups, occur at the correct time and in the correct order.