Real Time Clock Module

For use with Time & Frequency Solutions’ M210 and M211 Modular Time and Frequency Systems. The Real Time Clock Module  maintains the timekeeping of the timing system, even during periods when the power to the timing system is unavailable.

  • Maintains timing system timekeeping
  • Ensures most accurate time and date information
  • Continual time sync with oscillator if loss of power occurs

Once the timing system is synchronized to the selected time source, the Real Time Clock Module stores the validated time and date information. This storage process is repeated each time the timing system synchronizes to the time source, thereby ensuring that the Real Time Clock Module contains the most accurate time and date information.

If loss of the power to the timing system occurs, the Real Time Clock Module continues to accumulate time based upon its internal oscillator. Once the power supply to the timing system is resumed, the time and date from the Real Time Clock Module is available for use by the timing system. This ensures that time and date information is immediately available without the need for resynchronization.