GPS Receiver Module

This GPS Receiver Module is available for use with our M210 and M211 Modular Time & Frequency Systems.  The GPS Receiver Module receives the  Global Positioning System (GPS) transmissions from the corresponding GPS Antenna, decodes the time information and uses it within the timing system.

  • Decodes highly accurate time information
  • Synchronises system to UTC
  • Alarm features for easy system monitoring

The GPS Receiver Module receives and decodes GPS transmissions, allowing the time & frequency system to accurately synchronise to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Local time can be derived from UTC at user selection through use of the equipment menus. The equipment menus also allow examination of time, position and satellite status information.

The GPS Receiver Module also includes alarm changeover contacts, which indicate loss of GPS synchronisation, power fail and failure of the timing system. These alarms allow external monitoring of system performance.