Disciplined Oscillator

For use with Time & Frequency Solutions’ M210 and M211 Modular Time & Frequency Systems. This is a highly stable oscillator that is locked to the synchronising time source.

  • Enhances free-run performance of the Time & Frequency System
  • Choice of oscillator according to level of stability, performance and holdover accuracy required: TXCO, OCXO, Precision OXCO, Rubidium and Precision Rubidium
  • Automatic calibration of oscillator

By locking the Disciplined Oscillator to the synchronising time source (e.g. GPS), it is automatically calibrated, ensuring that a precise frequency is always available.  In the event of interruption in the synchronising time source, the performance of the module reverts to the oscillator specification.

A wide range of oscillators is available allowing the selection of an optimum price/performance relationship for any application. Please contact the Sales Office if you have a special frequency or stability requirement.

Standard Frequency Output Module is available for inclusion in the Timing System for the output of precision frequency references from the Disciplined Oscillator Module.