PTP (IEEE1588)Grandmaster Clock Module

For use with M210 and M211 Time and Frequency Systems. The PTP (IEEE1588) Grandmaster Clock Module generates and distributes precisely synchronised time across Ethernet networks using Precise Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588 v2.

  • Uses Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to IEEE-1588 v2
  • Distributes time to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network
  • Advanced hardware-generated timestamps
  • GPS input source
  • Provides ±100 nanosecond timing accuracy (locked to GPS)
  • M211 Internal disciplined oscillator provides stability if input source interrupted
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP), described in the IEEE 1588-2008 version 2 standard, allows for extremely precise synchronization of networks.

An absolute timing accuracy of better than 100 nanoseconds to UTC can be achieved using this protocol as it uses hardware-generated timestamps.

This provides significant improvements on the accuracy of network-distributed time over legacy Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.