NTP Time Server Module

The NTP Time Server Module provides a proven means of effecting time distribution via Local or Wide Area Networks.  There are three variants to choose from:

NTP Time Server Module Options:

10/100BaseT single port

10/100BaseT triple port

10/100/1000BaseT triple port

This module, when utilised in an M210 or M211 Time and Frequency System synchronised to a real time source, provides the functionality of a Stratum 1 Server as described in the NTP specification. Suitable real time sources (e.g. GPS, MSF, DCF77, WWVB).

NTP uses sophisticated algorithms for the transfer of time to an accuracy of better than 1 millisecond over a Network. Many implementations of NTP are available covering most commonly used systems and subsystems.

The addition of the NTP Time Server Module also provides the capability to remotely configure and manage the Time System by implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

This allows configuration and alarm status monitoring using industry standard network management tools like our NMS. The module provides a non-volatile system log and installed module information for the whole Time System. These can be accessed through SNMP, TELNET or the modules’s user serial port.

What is NTP?

  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a method of hierarchical network clock synchronisation and distribution.
  • NTP is a widely used system in free standing networks and it is also used extensively on the Internet. Find out more here…