HaveQuick Interface Module

For specific applications where time of day (TOD) is required for use in a secure radio system, Time & Frequency Solutions offer the Havequick Interface Module for use in the  M210 or M211 Modular Time and Frequency Systems.

  • Two configuration options
  • Optimised for connection to many radio subsystems to ensure easy integration
  • Configurable with: Havequick [I, II & IIa], Quickfox, SATURN

The Havequick Interface Module is versatile and it can be easily configured for either the transmission of the TOD signal to the radio subsystem or reception of the TOD signal from an external platform via the radio subsystem.

The Havequick Interface Module is optimised for connection to a number of specified radio subsystems, ensuring that integration of the requirement for TOD information is easily achieved. Furthermore, the module can be configured for operation with Havequick (I, II, and IIa), Quickfox and SATURN formats.

Should you have a special interface requirement please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.