GPS Antennas

The GPS Antenna picks up time information derived from the GPS signal and sends it to a corresponding GPS receiver in the time & frequency system.

Passive GPS Antenna

The Passive Antenna is ideal for use in safety-critical applications, e.g. military, oil & gas refinieries, etc.,  as no power is sent to the antenna.

The Passive Antenna is supplied with a mounting clamp, which allows the antenna to be incorporated onto the appropriate attachment.

Plpease note that the Passive GPS Antenna is not supplied with cable.


High Performance Active GPS Antenna

The Active Antenna is housed in a weatherproof package designed to withstand exposure to shock, excessive vibration, and extreme temperatures, rain, snow and sunlight.

The Active Antenna includes an active 35dB preamplifier and has dual band pass filters. The band pass filters improve immunity to other RF signals for reliable performance in hostile RF environments.  The antenna is supplied with 15 metres of cable for system testing purposes.

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