PTP OEM Board Level Solutions

Time & Frequency Solutions offer original equipment manufacturers (OEM) board-level time and synchronisation solutions via the PTP IEEE1588v2 protocol.

•Provides equipment with a fast-track embedded PTP Client solution with OEM or PCI options
•Client system time accuracy of up to 100 nanoseconds possible using Gigabit network switches.
•Frequency accuracy better than 10ppb possible using Gigabit switches
•Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption
•Seamless Upgrade to PTP IEEE1588v2
•Complete End to End PTP Solution with PTP80 Grandmaster Clock
•Interoperability with 3rd Party Grandmaster Clocks
•Accelerates PTP Client Deployments
• Time Outputs (1PPS, TOD)
• Unicast / Multicast Operation


•Provides equipment manufacturers with a custom-built packet-based timing and synchronisation solution at PCB level.
•Fast track implementation equipment manufacturers to deploy packet-based timing with an immediate cost saving and a quick return on investment.
•Custom PCB solution designed to your requirement for adding PTP Client functionality to your equipment
•Time of day (TOD) is available for support of legacy equipment using IRIG B, RS232, RS422 and RS485

This board-level solution utilises technology from our proven PTP8 Network Time Client to provide equipment manufacturers with a custom-built PTP offering designed to an agreed specification for integration into your own product.

Key Benefits

Providing PTP Client functionality to operators enables lower operating costs migrating from a TDM to Ethernet backhaul and can be equipped with E1/T1, 1PPS and 10MHz outputs for synchronising remote network equipment such as UMTS, LTE, WiMAX and PON devices.

Typical Applications

• Industrial Automation
• Passive Optical Networks (PON)
• Circuit Emulation Services (CES)
• High Frequency Trading (HFT) in Financial Services
• Any applications requiring Precise Timing delivered over a Packet Network