PTP (IEEE1588) Network Synchronisation

Precise Time Synchronisation over Packet-Based Ethernet Networks using IEEE1588 v2

IEEE1588 v2 Precise Time Protocol is the latest standard for synchronising packet-based networks to ensure accurate and reliable time distribution for a varied applications. Benefits include sub-microsecod accuracy, hardware generated time-stamping, multicast operation and true carrier grade network synchronisation.

Our range of PTP IEEE1588 GrandMaster Clocks, clients and board-level solutions enables cost-effective access to the highest level of precision time and frequency synchronisation.

ptp80 PTP80 GrandMaster Clock – Generates and distributes precisely synchronised time across Ethernet networks using  Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE-1588 v2
ptp80 elite PTP80 Elite GrandMaster Clock – Enhanced version of the PTP80 with SFP connection and Gigabit Ethernet capability
Image of PTP80 GrandMaster clock PTP80 Elite-S GM & Boundary Clock – uses PTP to distribute time to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network 
PTP OEM board(1) PTP OEM Board-level Solutions – Provides equipment manufacturers with a fast-track embedded PTP client solution


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