Bus-Level Timing Boards

We have the widest possible range of computer bus-level timing boards available – simply click a link.  Unlike standard pc timing boards which have a fixed input type, our boards offer full flexibility, allowing you to choose between a range of signal inputs such as 1pps, IRIG & NASA timecodes, GPS and even HaveQuick.

Easy to install, they will provide your computer system with highly accurate timing information without the need for a time server.  They are especially useful for time-stamping for logging events, or to provide an audit trail for an application.

PCI-Express SyncClock32

PCI_-Syncclock_32PCI-SyncClock32 pmc timing cardPMC-SyncClock32 pc104-sgPC-104/

cpci bus timing cardCPCI-SyncClock32

vme syncclock32