M355-CD Countdown Display / Countup Display

The M355-CD Countdown Display / Countup Display from Time & Frequency Solutions shows countdown or countup from a PSEUDO IRIG timecode input. Alternatively it reads and displays time-of-day from a modulated carrier time-code source (such as IRIG B) or by connection to an asynchronous serial time-code source via an RS232 or RS422 interface.

  •     Single-sided display
  •     Seven segment high-intensity LED digits
  •     Rack-mountable
  •     Automatic recognition of time code format
  •     Particularly suitable for range-timing display
  •     Choice of input options:
  •     Serial (via RS232 or RS422 interface);
  •     Timecode  (IRIG CS525z);
  •     Modulated carrier timecode (IRIG-B, PSEUDO IRIG-B, NASA36,
  •     AFNOR S 87500, 2137, XR3)

The M355-CD Countdown Display / Countup Display shows time in a number of formats including sign with days or hours through to tenths of a second.  The equipment is designed for use in range timing display or other general-purpose time display applications particularly where event time management is required.

Most time formats are automatically recognised; where time formats share a common time-code structure (such as IRIG B and Pseudo IRIG) an internal switch is used to confirm the display requirement.  The M170 Countdown / Up Generator is compatible with this display and can feed it directly with Pseudo IRIG Time-code for range timing applications.

Unlike the other time-codes accepted by the display, Pseudo IRIG B does not contain the time-of-day but a countdown / countup time. Both countdown and countup times are incrementing in the same direction but countdown time is displayed as a negative quantity which gets smaller as it approaches zero.  If Pseudo IRIG timecode received, countdown / countup is displayed rather than time-of-day.