M170 Multi-Purpose Clock
Countdown Generator / Countup Generator

The M170 Countdown Generator / Countup Generator from Time & Frequency Solutions is a highly versatile Multi-Purpose Clock & Countdown/Up Generator designed for any application where count down or up is essential, such as range timing and event time management.

  • Maintains a count of time in hours through to tenths of a second
  • Start time preset by front panel switches at switch-on, or operator entry
  • Hold resolution 0.1 second
  • Synchronised to an external time and frequency source
  • High accuracy internal oscillator options available
  • Remotely controllable

The count time can be stopped and started by the operator or by remote control.  The M170 Countdown Generator / Countup Generator  has an RS232 / RS422 serial interface which automatically outputs the Generator count time with sign, direction and run/hold status once per second.

‘Countdown’ signifies that the time display on instrument and the output count is negative and decreases (counts towards zero) when the count runs. After the count passes through zero, the negative sign changes to positive and the count increases.  In both cases to move to the next count the instrument simply adds 0.1s to the current count.