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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

M350 Digital Console Clock M355 Digital Network Display

Quality, Reliable and Accurate Timing Products

Time and Frequency Solutions and Brandywine Communications are proud to offer a wide range of quality class leading GPS/GNSS timing products and solutions.  Established for over 40 years, our products are tried, tested and trusted by an ever growing customer base worldwide.

A broad, class leading range of quality GPS/GNSS NTP Time Server Units

NTP Servers - GPS / GNSS Based Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers


Grand Master, Boundary, Transparent and Client Slave PTP Clocks

PTP (IEEE-1588) Servers - GPS Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Servers

PTP 80PTP 8080PTP 8

Satellite Link, Military and Telecommunications Grade Standards

Time and Frequency Standards

NFS-220 10MHZ Frequency StandardRange Time Code Generator RTG-510

Fixed and wide band frequency distribution units - Programmable and dual redundant options

Frequency Distribution Units

FDU240 Frequency Distribution UnitFDU160i Frequency Distribution Unit

A wide range of Time Code Distribution Units - Programmable and dual redundant options

Time Signal Distribution Units

TDU310 Time Code Distribution UnitIBU160i Time Code Distribution UnitM373 Digital Time Display Clock

A wide range of high reliability Digital and Analogue Network Display and Console Clocks and devices

Display Clocks

M373 Analogue Network Clock

An industry leading broad comprehensive range of Bus Level Timing products

Bus Level Timing Cards

TimeSpy - A portable GPS referenced Time and Frequency measurement unit with optional expansion capability for signal distribution.

Common applications include remote field timing verification and diagnosis.

Time and Frequency Measurement

TimeSpy - Time and Frequency Measurement

A broad range of Active, Passive and Long Distance GPS/GNSS Antenna systems with optional Lighting Protection devices

Antenna and Lightning Protectors


ATC, Rail, Military, Infrastructure and Telecommunications Solutions

Modular Timing Solutions for demanding custom applications