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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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NTP Network Time Servers

Stratum 1 GPS NTP network time servers using NTP (Network Time Protocol) for network time clock synchronisation and cyber security via GNSS or IRIG.

Our range of Stratum 1 & 2  NTP network time server units and NTP master clocks use NTP (Network Time Protocol) for network time synchronisation, delivering quality, reliability and accuracy.  

Precise time is generally derived from a GPS or GNSS source and then used to discipline an internal oscillator that will maintain time should the GPS signal drop out.  On many models, provision is made for alternative time source signals that can be used to derive precise time.

Our broad range of Network Time servers are tailored to suit a wide range of budgetary, technical and performance requirements.

All are built to AS9100C quality standards with many kept on the shelf.

This Stratum 1 GNSS/GPS multi-network NTP Master time clock system is an advanced, cyber secure, high precision master clock timing platform that is commonly specified for use in critical network timing applications that depend upon a reliable, quality time standard.  

Built to demanding AS9100C aerospace quality standards, the unit offers three truly independent and isolated NTP network ports, each of which can be individually configured for network security and access levels.  

The unit is readily configured as a Stratum 1 Master Time Clock reference server or as a Peer to Peer  sub-master client in order to form a multi-network distributed time system.

Options include a choice of TCXO, OCXO or Rubidium oscillators together with a choice of standard or long distance antennae. Constellation options are user selectable via the 32 channel C/A GNSS/GPS antenna covering GPS, GLONASS & BEIDOU combinations.

NTP80 GPS NTP Network Time Server

ENTA II - A Complete Network Time Server and Master Clock with GPS synchronization fully compliant with NENA requirements.

The Enhanced Network Time Appliance is a full function Master Clock and is designed to provide a full suite of precision time outputs including IRIG B, IRIG E, IEEE-1344, and Have Quick time codes. All outputs include signal level monitors to enable rapid fault detection and isolation. This product also features a dual 10/100BaseT Network interface with Network Time Protocol (NTP). This built in web-server provides a user friendly control system for configuring the unit. The ENTA is available in both single string and optional dual redundant versions.

The ENTA includes both a built in GPS receiver and an IRIG B decoder, accommodating multiple time reference inputs. Another standard feature is a built in oven controlled crystal oscillator that provides continuous timekeeping accuracy in the event that GPS or IRIG signal inputs are lost.

ENTA II - NTP Network Time Server with IRIG B

An economic and simple to use range of NTP time servers deriving a time reference from either GPS or IRIG-B inputs with a built-in real time clock backup which maintains time for temporary signal loss situations.  

All units are mains powered and equipped with a clear 6 digit LED time of day display, an RJ45 Ethernet port for NTP time serving and web browser setup along with an RS-232/RS-485 serial port facilitating fully programmable time code format transmission to display clocks and other devices. Synchronised time indication is denoted by the time display colons while rear panel status LEDs denote network connectivity status.

Each unit can be setup to function as a primary NTP server or to behave as an NTP client from which serial time code information is relayed.  Management of the unit setup parameters is via a built-in web browser interface. This password protected web page allows the user to set up the text string required for the equipment to be synchronized while also facilitating time zone offset and daylight savings setups.

Compact NTP Network Time server units

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ENTA II Dual Port GPS based NTP Network Time Server


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NTP Network Time Servers - GPS, GNSS and IRIG Synchronisation

Modular Master Clocks with NTP Time Server Modules

M211 - NTP Network Time ServerM210 - NTP Time serverMMC - 1U NTP Network Time ServerMMC - 3U NTP Network Time Server

The PCIe-5905 Universal Timing Card provides an ultra-flexible means of providing precise time and frequency synchronization to a host computer, or a variety of external equipment, and is capable of operating as a stratum 1 NTP server over the PCIe bus.

The PCIe-5905 is unmatched in the industry for its flexibility and features, while maintaining a compact ½ height PCIe form factor.

PCIe-5905 - PCI Express NTP Time Server Card

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MMC Series data

M21x Series data

NTP time server modules are available in our range of Stratum 1 Modular master clocks.  

The M21x range includes a 3 port secure NTP server card while the MMC system provides a single slot, secure NTP module with provision for up to 12 NTP devices.

These units are highly network secure.

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NTP80 Plus - 3 Port GPS & GNSS NTP Time Server

Compact NTP Time Servers with GPS & IRIG-B Inputs and Serial Programmable Outputs


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