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Monday, 22nd January 2018

New NTP80 Network Time Server from TFS

We have unveiled our new NTP80 Triple-Port Stratum 1Network Time Server.
The NTP80 provides a high performance means of accurate time distribution over local area networks (LANs) using Network Time Protocol (NTP).  It provides accurate and reliable time data from a trusted source, which is critical in many industries.  NTP is the industry-standard means of time distribution over discrete networks and it is also extensively used on the Internet.

The highly economic unit has a range of synchronisation options including GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU, plus analogue timecode such as IRIG-B and AFNOR. It is capable of synchronising 3 discrete networks independently, and can even act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode.

The standard Temperature Compensated Quartz oscillator (TCXO) can be upgraded to Ovened Quartz (OCXO) or even Rubidium for ultra-high precision and greatly enhanced holdover stability.

The NTP80 is available in a choice of either stand-alone unit or standard 19” rack-mountable chassis.  The stand-alone unit is very compact, and not much larger than a network router.  Configuration is simple via a web browser, and the unit is upgradeable remotely via flash memory.
Click Here for Press Release [pdf]

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