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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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Modular Timing Systems

A range of Modular Master Clock systems that provide exceptional performance and application flexibility.  These units facilitate the incorporation of a wide range of timing interfaces in a single unit and are ideal for creating dual redundancy systems.

Our range of Stratum 1 & 2 modular master clocks deliver and underpin quality, reliability and accuracy in high integrity master clock applications  and timing racks.  Precise time is derived from a GPS or other Stratum 1 source and then used to discipline an internal oscillator that will maintain time should the primary timing source drop out.  

Our MMC range is a state of the art system at the high end of the performance and capacity range while the M21x range is an established work horse unit offering a wide range of application specific modules.  

Both MMC and M21x modular systems are offered in either small or large footprints depending upon capacity demands.

This Stratum 1 modular time and frequency master clock system is an advanced, high precision timing platform commonly specified for use in critical timing applications that depend upon a reliable, quality time standard.

With a range of over 40 functional module blocks, each system can be optimised to suit specific application demands spanning multi format I/O networks, time code readers and generators, multi-sync sources, oscillators and power supplies with single, double or triple redundancy.

These modular high integrity units are common place and thoroughly proven worldwide in safety critical applications such as Air Traffic Control, Rail & Road Networks, Oil & Gas installations and some military applications.

The robust design and unrivalled build quality delivers exceptional performance and trouble free product field longevity.  Software interfaces are proven and hardened against common cyber attack methods.

The wide range of modules provides a high degree of flexibility in performance definition and future proofing expansion capability.

Built around a high performance CPU core, intuitive user interface and supported with a performance choice of precision disciplined oscillator modules, each 19” rack mountable master clock can be configured with a wide choice of functional modules.

The MMC Modular Master Clock System is a high performance, master timing system offering multi-redundancy, hot swappable input and output signal modules with user configurable signal routing, selection and formatting. Developed around cutting edge military requirements, the MMC system offers unsurpassed levels of cyber security, signalling flexibility and expansion capacity in a robust package driven from an intuitive colour touch panel interface with 12 slot internal I/O expansion capacity for the 2U version and 6 slot expansion for the 1U version.  

Both variants can be entirely configured and operated via a highly secure Ethernet based remote interface or via the password encrypted and protected GUI which also provides fault logging and alarms (integral time of day display and optional umbilical GUI available with the 1U version).  

MMC installations are generally high integrity customer tailored master timing systems that deliver unsurpassed accuracy with intrinsic provision for future adaptation and expansion.  The unique, industry leading MMC modular architecture allows the customer to combine their ideal combination of master timing signal sources with a programmable array of preferred precision output signals and connection methods, thereby making the unit an ideal generic master clock of choice for high integrity and complex system designs.

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Stratum 1 Modular Master Clocks and Master Network Timing Systems


M21x  Modular Master Clocks

MMC Modular Master Clock System

mmc_ds15.pdfM211 GPS MasterClockM210 GPS MasterClock

Manufactured to strict AS9100D aerospace quality standards, the M211 3U format accepts up to 9 time functional modules while the smaller M210 1U variant accepts up to 3 modules.


Where total system redundancy protection is required, the M842 interfacing unit provides a fully automatic means by which one of two tandem systems may be automatically selected dependant upon prevailing fault conditions. Optimal time source reference selection can be automatically or manually prioritised to suit the application.

M842 - Dual redundant master clock system Brandywine MMC GPS Master Clock front

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Brandywine MMC GPS Master Clock rear Brandywine MMC 1U GPS Master Clock front Brandywine 1U MMC GPS Master Clock rear MMC GPS Master Timing module MMC Timing distribution module MMC Modular GPS master clock interface module