Time and Frequency Projects & Case Studies

We have been extremely successful by winning prestige contracts and delivered many time and frequency projects including:

Royal Navy, UK

We provided  twenty-two specially-configured TFD8000 systems to act as primary time references onboard the RN submarine fleet.

TFS overcame the complexity that each submarine class required different system configurations, providing a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

This approach radically reduced logistical problems such as the stocking and transportation of spares, leading to greater efficiencies and vastly reduced costs.

Case Study Royal Navy

Dung Quat Oil Refinery, Vietnam

We provided a Master Clock System for a brand new Oil Refinery Plant in Vietnam, the first of its kind.  The requirement was to provide a standard time source for date and time stamping events in the refinery sub-systems involved with processing, electrical, safety and emergency events.

Our M211 High Capacity Modular Time & Frequency System serves as the central master clock supplying a feed to ten M210 Modular Time & Frequency Systems (acting as buffer units) which in turn feed into the various control sub-systems and clock displays.

Increased efficiency and security plus consistent, precise time stamps are now the order of the day at Dung Quat.

Case Study Dung Quat Oil Refinery

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

The NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, US, Is one of the world’s oldest launch sites.  We were tasked, via our US representative Brandywine Communications, with developing a range timing system for the facility.
The specific requirement was to provide a resilient countdown system so that countdown time and other data could be distributed to the required users and to various remote outstations.

We provided a dual-redundant master clock system and M170 Countdown/Countup Generator  to the central site and sub-masters to remote outstations.  The countdown is displayed on our M355 11-digit LED Countdown Display.  Our Network Management System provided the useful capability of remote control and monitoring of all aspects of the system.

Case Study NASA Wallops Flight Facility

London Stock Exchange

We were tasked with providing the London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest exchanges n the world, with a new ‘microsecond accuracy time synchronisation’ system.

They required NTP and IRIB-B outputs and have a degree of redundancy.  We provided a pair of M211 High Capacity Modular Time & Frequency Systems in parallel configuration.

Case Study London Stock Exchange

National Grid, UK

The National Grid Company owns, operates and develops the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales and Great Britain’s principal natural gas transportation system.

The existing equipment carrying out this fundamental task was approaching the end of its natural life cycle.  The real problem was that there had to be a smooth transition between the old and new systems, with no ‘down-time’.

We developed the FATE2000 system, incorporating our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) M211 High Capacity Modular Time & Frequency System as the central measuring unit.

The resulting system was designed so that in the very unlikely event that a fault occurs in one M211 timing system, backup M211 systems will still perform the required functions.

Case Study National Grid

National Air Traffic Services (NATS), UK 

NATS provides en route air traffic control services to aircraft flying in UK airspace, and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic. It also provides services at fifteen of the UK’s largest airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

NATS required a new Time Distribution System (TDS) to be installed at the London Swanwick centre, Hampshire to replace the existing system in operation at the London Terminal Control Centre, West Drayton

In order to fulfil the primary requirement of a master clock system, Time & Frequency Solutions’ industry-proven M211 High Capacity Modular Time & Frequency System was selected as the most appropriate for the task

Case Study NATS

Bonneville Power Administration

BPA is a U.S. federal agency distributing wholesale electricity to public and private utilities and industries on the grid. The requirement was to replace the existing custom-built Central Timing System with one that supported COTS components.

In conjunction with Brandywine Communications Inc., our solution resulted in a highly accurate and stable redundant system, which is easy to maintain. The BPA Systems Engineer who maintains this new system reports that it has met or exceeded the capabilities of the previous system and has done so using Standard Vendor Components rather than a complex custom design.

Case Study BPA

Slovakia Air Traffic Control

The replacement of the existing time reference system was required to improve the quality of the time reference source to support time synchronisation of the systems for the provision of air navigation services.

We supplied our highly versatile M211 Modular Time & Frequency System, which benefits from nine module slots as well as a suite of popular outputs.  Hence we were able to easily accommodate variations at each user site and the customer’s requirement for high reliability

Case Study Slovakia ATC

Etihad Airways Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi Airport

The new terminal building at Abu Dhabi International Airport required a dual-redundant master clock sytem using GPS as the time source.  Terminal 3 is dedicated to Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE.

In conjunction with our partner Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies LLC, we supplied a dual-redundant system, comprising of two M211 Modular Timing Systems plus Changeover Unit. Additional power back-up was provided with an external power supply capable of providing enough power to keep the whole system operating in the event of an interruption to the mains supply.  The M211 Timing Systems were equipped with a suite of modules providing the capability of ultra-precise time distribution to interface with the myriad of other systems in the terminal.

The result is a highly precise and synchronised time distribution to a variety of other systems in the airport terminal.

Case Study Etihad Terminal Abu Dhabi