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Progress in Portable Instrumentation for Time Source Verification and Analysis

The calibration of the internal GPS-slaved reference clock of a portable time measuring instrument has been carried out using GPS Common View and we report on the subsequent direct measurement of the reference accuracy and stability over different time periods.  The measurement architecture has been extended to include Grand Master time sources that conform to IEEE Std 1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol).

Portable Instrumentation for Time Source Verification and Analysis

PROVING Master Clock timing system accuracy during development, Factory Acceptance Testing or Commissioning soon reveals that the engineer has few tools at his disposal for rapid evaluation and easy recording of results.  We describe a multipurpose instrument that facilitates this task.  It was decided that the instrument should be capable of measuring and identifying the common amplitude modulated 1kHz carrier based codes, their DC level shift (DCLS) equivalents, standard pulses such as simple 1pps, serial data and network time protocols.

Airport Timing Systems – A Synchronised Approach

The efficient running of an airport relies heavily on precision timing; Flight Scheduling, Air Traffic Control, Check-in and Baggage Handling and Passenger Information Displays all need feeds from a centralised time system to ensure everything runs efficiently.

Integrated Timing Systems in Air Traffic Control Services

Time is an essential element in Airport Systems particularly in mission critical applications  such as Air Traffic Control.  Time & Frequency Solutions have worked with individual systems suppliers over 30 years to develop a centralised timing concept particularly suited to ATC applications.