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HQS : Have Quick (HQ) Time Code Distribution

The HQS is a rugged HQ HaveQuick Time code splitter / 1PPS distribution unit.  This compact time signal distribution unit is ideal for installation in harsh space restricted applications such as ships and aircraft.

The Havequick/1PPS Distribution Amplifier (HQS) is a small rugged, DC powered Havequick and 1PPS signal distribution module that is mounted in a 4” x 4” x 2.5” environmentally secure enclosure.

Designed for “fit and forget” operation, this compact, reliable module provides an elegant solution for the distribution of timing reference signals from embedded military GPS receivers, delivering an MTBF of up to 1 million hours operation depending upon configuration.

The unit may be configured for single ended or differential signals as required for the application (factory configured) and is available with various power input options.

The HQS was developed to facilitate long cable runs of both 1PPS and Have Quick signals for ships or aircraft requiring these timing reference signals at multiple locations.

The tried and tested, ruggedised enclosure allows the the HQS to be placed in difficult environments and difficult to reach places on ships and aircraft.

HQS - HaveQuick and 1PPS Time Signal Distribution Unit

HQS datasheet



•  1PPS, Have Quick to ICD-GPS-060 Outputs

•  Rugged compact design

•  16 - 36V DC Input - < 5 watts consumption

Input Signals

•  1 Channel 1PPS

•  1 Channel HaveQuick Timecode

Output Signals

•  3 Channels of 1PPS

•  3 Channels of Have Quick

HGS - HaveQuick Splitter Distribution Unit HGS HQ & !PPS Distribution Unit Front Outline HGS HQ & !PPS Distribution Unit Rear Outline aircraft timecode distribution military time code distribution