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Precision GPS/GNSS based NTP Network Time Servers

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Compact GPS/IRIG B NTP Time Servers

A choice of two rack mount 1U NTP Time servers operating from either a GPS or IRIG-B timing source reference, along with a single desk mount GPS based NTP server.  All units provide user programmable serial time code outputs as RS232 & RS422.

An economic and simple to use range of NTP time servers deriving a time reference from either GPS or IRIG-B inputs with a built-in real time clock backup which maintains time for temporary signal loss situations.  

All units are mains powered and equipped with a clear 6 digit LED time of day display, an RJ45 Ethernet port for NTP time serving and web browser setup along with an RS-232/RS-485 serial port facilitating fully programmable time code format transmission to display clocks and other devices. Synchronised time indication is denoted by the time display colons while rear panel status LEDs denote network connectivity status.

Each unit can be setup to function as a primary NTP server or to behave as an NTP client from which serial time code information is relayed.  Management of the unit setup parameters is via a built-in web browser interface. This password protected web page allows the user to set up the text string required for the equipment to be synchronized while also facilitating time zone offset and daylight savings setups.


   •  Choice of time reference input type - GPS and IRIG-B

   •  User Programmable Serial Time Code Outputs.

   •  Single port NTP Network Interface 10/100BaseT  (NTPv3 [RFC 1305]

   •  1 U or desktop mount

   •  Compact 1U Rack Mount Options

   •  Universal AC power supply

Typical Applications

Compact NTP Network servers are commonly specified where reliable NTP is required as the basis for driving system installation time displays and time stamping devices, such as automation lines, public stadiums and public time displays.

The units are of robust design and build quality to ISO9100D standards delivering exceptional performance and trouble free product field longevity.

Compact GPS & IRIG B Referenced NTP Time Servers with Serial Time Codes

Typical Network Time Protocol Synchronsiation System

Compact NTP Servers datasheet