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Sunday, 25th February 2018

TFS Gains Reapproval to ISO9001:2008

Our commitment to quality and excellence was put to the test recently with a quality review.

We are delighted to see that our quality management system has received reapproval to ISO9001:2008.

ISO9001 reapproval press release


TFS Updates GPS Common View System

We have overhauled our GPS Timetrace Common View System and released it as Timetrace II.

Not only has the unit received a facelift, but it also now sports a built-in computer with a well-designed touchscreen for configuration, monitoring and data log purposes.
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TFS Expands NTP Product Family

We have made some important changes to the NTP product family offering following a very positive market reaction to the release of the NTP80 Network Time Server last October.

There are now three variations on the original NTP80: a stand-alone unit or the ‘little black box’ as it has come to be known; a rack-mountable version of the box with a specially designed front panel; a full rack-mounted chassis 1U high 200mm deep.
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TFS at ATC Global 2011

ATC Global 2011 was a great success for Time & Frequency Solutions. The event was held at ATC Global,  Amsterdam RAI Centre, 8-10 March and was very well attended throughout the three days.

We took the opportunity to showcase our newest product, the NTP80 Multi-Port Network Time Server, plus our PTP8 Client, and we even showed off our NTP40 Network Time Server prototype (watch this space for the launch!)  The ‘little black boxes’ certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Also on display was our rack-mounted dual redundant M211 Precision Timing System together with a selection of digital time displays.

New NTP80 Network Time Server from TFS

We have unveiled our new NTP80 Triple-Port Stratum 1Network Time Server.
The NTP80 provides a high performance means of accurate time distribution over local area networks (LANs) using Network Time Protocol (NTP).  It provides accurate and reliable time data from a trusted source, which is critical in many industries.  NTP is the industry-standard means of time distribution over discrete networks and it is also extensively used on the Internet.

The highly economic unit has a range of synchronisation options including GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU, plus analogue timecode such as IRIG-B and AFNOR. It is capable of synchronising 3 discrete networks independently, and can even act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode.

The standard Temperature Compensated Quartz oscillator (TCXO) can be upgraded to Ovened Quartz (OCXO) or even Rubidium for ultra-high precision and greatly enhanced holdover stability.

The NTP80 is available in a choice of either stand-alone unit or standard 19” rack-mountable chassis.  The stand-alone unit is very compact, and not much larger than a network router.  Configuration is simple via a web browser, and the unit is upgradeable remotely via flash memory.
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TFS at the ITSF 2010

The 8th International Telecom Sync Forum was held in Dublin, Ireland from 2nd-4th November 2010.  The event explored the challenges facing the telecommunications industry in delivering increasingly precise timing solutions to cope with the ever evolving Ethernet transmission infrastructure.

The event was well attended, and our Product Specialist, Tim Beck, was overwhelmed with enquiries.  We showcased our unique TimeSpy Elite Network Time Analyser, PTP8 Slave Network Time Client and PTP80 Grandmaster Clock.

New Choice of Platforms for PTP Slave

Oct 2010
We have increased the range of platforms available for our innovative PTP8 Slave Network Time Client.  The PTP8 Slave Network Time Client provides network service providers and equipment manufacturers with a packet-based timing and synchronisation solution.  It is now available as a sleek stand-alone unit, a 1U-high rack-mountable unit and as an OEM board-level solution.
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ATC Global Exhibition

Venue:     Amsterdam RAI
Dates:      Tuesday 8th March 2010 to Thursday 11th March 2010
TFS are exhibiting at ATC Global exhibition for the first time.  Come and see us in the Holland Hall 11, Stand H801.
On show will be our flagship products the M210 and M211 Modular Timing Systems, together with a range of time displays, including M350 ATC Console Display, M355 LED Time Display and M385 Analogue Clock.


Portable Precision Time Measurement with Network Time Analysis
TFS proudly presents the new range of portable precision time measurement instruments.   We have updated and upgraded the functionality of the TimeAcc units to incorporate a whole range of features that have been requested by our customers.

The new range comprises three instruments: TimeSpy, TimeSpy Elite and TimeSpy Elan.

TimeSpy precisely measures the time accuracy of a wide range of inputs against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator.

TimeSpy Elite includes enhanced features on the classic TimeSpy; it precisely measures the accuracy of a wide range of classic and network timing inputs (including PTP) against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator.
TimeSpy Elan includes all the features of the TimeSpy Elite, plus the useful ability to accommodate a laboratory standard input as a time reference.
For full details, including downloadable pdf datasheets, please see the TimeSpy pages.

The M211 Gets a Makeover

Following on from the success of the M210 new front panel design, we are now proud to unveil the new front panel for its big brother, the M211 Precision Timing System.

The new panel is finished with a contemporary soft-sheen black, and the single piece design replaces the bolt-on rack-mounting brackets. The bright aesthetic blue display is much larger and clearer, and menu selections and equipment configuration is much simpler with the 5-segment ‘clickable’ button. The addition of a scalloped curve adds to the overall aesthetic.
Press Release – New Look for M211 Precision Timing System [pdf]

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